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Afghanistan was one of the Bundeswehr missions with the most attention in recent decades. In addition to the Air Force, paratroopers, or rather so-called Specialized Forces of the Army with extended basic qualifications for special operations (SpezlKrH EGB or EGB), were mainly deployed.

They were set up in 2007 and are intended to close the capability gap - between conventional infantry and paratroopers on the one hand and the special forces command and the naval special forces command on the other. Specialized forces of this type belong to the paratrooper regiments. The Bundeswehr has set up four companies with this capability, the 2nd and 3rd companies in the paratrooper regiments 26 in Zweibrücken and 31 in Seedorf. The soldiers from Seedorf were on duty in Kabul.

Spezialisierte Kräfte des Heeres mit Erweiterter Grundbefähigung
Return from Afghanistan (Photo: Bundeswehr / Neumann)

Outline and skills
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