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Each year, the mediator leads Report publisher of executives and experts of the economy national and international symposia on current and future-oriented topics.

An institution is in particular the annual end of November / beginning of December to be held in Bonn in 1987Security policy and Defense Technology Conferencebecome that recapitulates the state of the Bundeswehr development and provides an outlook for the coming year. One focus is on the areas of budget, planning and armor. Moreover, a look at current issues of military and civilian organizational areas is thrown and analyzes the evolution of NATO and the EU.

Every year in late January in Brussels an international conference entitled "Life Cycle Management in NATO"Instead, which aligns the mediator Report Verlag in cooperation with NATO Life Cycle Management Group (LCMG) and supported by the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) and the German CALS Forum. The conference language is English.

In two annual basis the mediator Report Verlag, with the support of the Bundeswehr Operations Command in Potsdam a meeting by that of currentBundeswehr, Mission preparation and organization, the political framework of military operations and to support the economy in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of inserts informed.

The meetings of the mediators report publishing are designed for a limited number of participants. They consider it important to provide space for debate and discussion and dialogue with leaders from the armed forces, administration, international organizations, politics and science in an adequate ambience.

On a broader security policy interested public, the meeting format is basedForum European Security, This regularly in cooperation with the Federal Academy is held in Berlin on Security Policy event dedicated to current key issues of European security policy.

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