Editorial IT & T print edition

editor in chief

Rolf Clement

Zeitschrift - Redaktion

  • b August 1953 in Stuttgart
  • After leaving school in 1972 in Bonn military service in the Bundeswehr from 1972 to 1974
  • 1974-1980 Studied law in Bonn
  • From 1980 to 1984 he was a correspondent for the regional newspapersMannheimer Morgen.Mainzer Allgemeine.Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.Donaukurier IngolstadtandFlensburger Tageblattactive in Bonn.
  • From 1984 to 1989 he was Bonn correspondent for the North German Radio (NDR).
  • From 1989 to 2017 he was in Germany (DLF) in Cologne worked initially in the "East-West editors". From 1996 to 2007 he was head of the background and executive editor of the series "background policy." In 2007 he became a member of the Editorial Board of the transmitter and because of the increasing importance of terrorism, as it was called, a special correspondent for Security Policy. At times, he was officially next worked as chief editor of the monthly magazineLoyal, Published by the Association of reserve the German Army.
  • 2017 Editor in Chief European security and technology.
Telephone 0228 35 00 870

Head of Services

Wilhelm Bocklet

Zeitschrift - Redaktion

  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • b 1949
  • 1969 Joined the Bundeswehr
  • After officer training uses within the PSV squad, including head of printing company, traineeship at DPA, editor Bundeswehr film actor
  • Speaker in the command staff of the Armed Forces in the Federal Ministry of Defense, Bonn
  • Head of Department headquarters Affairs in the Information and Media Center of the Bundeswehr, Sankt Augustin
  • Head of Media Education in Information and Media Center of the Bundeswehr, Sankt Augustin
  • Staff Officer Plans & Policy in the Public Information Office of the Surprime Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Mons, Belgium
  • Head of Press and Public Relations in the Army Office, Cologne
  • Between 1985 and 2000. part-time editor of the journal Kyffhäuser
  • Since January 2003, managing editor of Strategy & Technology (up to 12/2004 published under the title "Soldat und Technik"); Editor NATO Affairs
Telefon: 0228 35 00 874
E-Mail wilhelm.bocklet@mittler-report.de

Knut Görsdorf

Zeitschrift - Redaktion

  • Staff Captain aD
  • b 1953 in Kirchhellen
  • Service Entrance Air Force: January 2, 1974
  • 1974-1981 staff chief administrator / Kompaniefeldwebel
  • 1981-1983 officer training military professional service
  • 1983-1992 Staff officer
  • 1992-2010 clerk in the Federal Ministry of Defense Joint Staff of the Air Force with changing job priorities: care and welfare, internal leadership, military music nature and last information work Luftwaffe
  • Service End: July 31, 2010
  • since August 2010 EditorEuropean security, From January 2012 in the newsroomES & Tamong other things, responsible for the final editing
Phone: 02 28 35 00 884

Michael Horst

Zeitschrift - Redaktion

  • retired Colonel
  • b 1948
  • 1968: Entry into the Bundeswehr
  • After officer training (30.OAJ) studied mechanical engineering in Darmstadt and holds a Dipl.-Ing. (1975)
  • Training as officially recognized expert (aaSmT)
  • Uses in the repair troop, the 1st Panzer Division and the 12th Panzer Division
  • Group leader students specialized mechanical engineering Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg
  • Head Materialprüfkommando 1st Panzer Division, Hannover
  • Deputy commander repair battalion 12, Volkach
  • Councilor "Logistic management, logistics bases and concepts" in the Army Office, Cologne
  • Department Head "Equipment Planning Logistics" in the Army Office, Koblenz / Cologne
  • Department Head of "study group of logistics support" in the Army Office, Cologne
  • Department Head "Logistics Management" in the Army Office, Cologne
  • Group Leader Army Armament (January 2003 - November 2008) "support, sustainability and mobility" in the Army Office, Cologne
  • Since December 1, 2008 Editor land forces and armaments ofStrategy & Technology(From January 2012ES & T) And chief editormilitary economy
Phone: 0228 35 00 881

Hans Uwe Mergener

Zeitschrift - Redaktion

  • Captain aD
  • born in 1955
  • Officer training (Crew 7-74)
  • Studies Diploma Education (Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg)
  • Schnellbootflottille, 1978 - 1992. Watch Officer, Commander, Flottillenstab, deputy squadron commander
  • Lecturing in NATO, EU and BMVg
  • Speaker for Marine armor, fundamental issues Armor beings (CPM 2001) and Parliamentary Affairs in the office of State Dr. Eickenboom, MOD, Berlin, 2002 - 2004
  • Defense Attaché at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Pretoria / South Africa. Responsible for South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe, 2007 - 2010
  • Deputy commander of the Garrison Command Berlin. 2010 - 2012
  • Federal Manager Association of reservists of the German Federal Armed Forces Association, 2013 - 2016
  • Since 2018 technical editor Marine, European Security & Technology, Bonn

permanent members

Dieter cod, captain Zuer Lake aD (Correspondent Marine / Coastal)
Dietmar Klos, Colonel aD (special correspondent ground forces)
Dr. Jan-Phillipp Weisswange, Lieutenant Colonel dR
Peter Preylowski, retired Colonel
Ulrich Rapreger, Colonel aD (special correspondent Force)
Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Heiming, Lieutenant Colonel
Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Günter Behrendt, Lieutenant Colonel
Rolf Hilmes, Scientific Director aD
Thomas Bauer, MA
Dipl.-Ing. George Meyer, retired Colonel
Correspondent for USA: Sidney E. Dean
Correspondent in Berlin: Dr. Wolfgang Labuhn