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COVID-19 falls victim to many events this year, for example the Enforce Tac in March (new date: 1st & 2nd September) or the largest and most important defense and security fair in Europe with the Eurosatory. Manufacturers and suppliers have to look for new information and sales channels. CZ (Česká Zbrojovka) therefore held a video conference with specialist journalists on Thursday, April 9 to report on its innovations, which were supposed to be presented at Enforce Tac and IWA in March. In 2020, CZ had big plans and wanted to further open up the government market on the one hand and give it a stronger focus on the other.


P-10 M as a new family member

The most important innovation for the government market is the CZ P-10 M (micro) from the CZ P-10 firing pin lock pistol family. The micro is the fifth and smallest family member and is primarily designed for covert use. In addition, it should be used by shooters with small hands. Of course, CZ also hopes for success on the civil market, especially for women.

Photo: CZ

In the class of super-compact pistols powerful caliber 9 x 19 mm CZ wants to set new standards. It provides for professional armourbearer a balance in terms of dimensions and weight (525 grams).

With a magazine capacity of 7 + 1 cartridges, the CZ P-10 M is characterized by a comparatively smaller width compared to all other pistols with a firing pin lock. Extended magazines with larger capacities are also available. The internal breech catch allows quick loading and reliably shows the empty charge status of the pistol. The absence of the outer locking lever on the handle eliminates the risk of handling errors and makes the weapon very slim.

Photo: CZ

Despite the radical downsizing, the new pistol has all the important features of the P-10 series: ergonomics, smooth trigger movement and intuitive operation. The surface treatment makes the CZ P-10 M corrosion and scratch resistant. This is associated with their long service life and reliability. Two pairs of through-loading grooves optimize their user ergonomics, the polymer grip with integrated mounting rail according to MIL-STD-1913 allows the inclusion of a tactical light / laser unit. Another advantage of the CZ P-10 M micro pistol is its shot accuracy, which according to the manufacturer is identical to the larger siblings such as the CZ P-10 C. An optical ready version is planned and will be presented shortly.

After the presentation, Sven Stollenwerk, Managing Director of CSC Arms Division GmbH and responsible for the distribution of CZ weapons in Germany, said: “CZ hand guns are characterized by high-quality workmanship, exceptional precision, low maintenance, easy maintenance and a fair price. This makes them equally suitable for authorities, beginners or competition shooters and can only be recommended. ”CZ promises the same quality, functionality, accuracy, etc. for the smallest P-10 as for the larger siblings.

Photo: André Forkert

The P-10 pistol family is based on the Austrian Glock family, but implemented with different technology.

The CZ P-10 C (barrel length 102 mm, 15 cartridges, 740 gr.) Corresponds to the Glock 19, the P-10 F (114 mm, 19 cartridges, 800 gr.) Corresponds to the Glock 17 and the P-10 S ( 114 mm, 12 cartridges, 800 gr.) The Glock 26. The P-10 SC connects the long barrel (90 mm, 15 cartridges, 710 gr.) With a very compact handle.

The P9 (115 mm, 19 cartridges, 890 gr.) And the P7 (95 mm, 15 cartridges, 800 gr.) Were also on site - both are based on the CZ 75 and are intended exclusively for the government market. All pistols on site were in 9 × 19 NATO caliber. The P7 and P9 are also available in other calibers.


Photo: André Forkert

Gun for special forces

Noch in der Entwicklung ist eine Pistolenvariante für Spezialkräfte. Auslöser war eine Kundenforderung. Sie basiert auf der CZ P-10 C und wird einen Schalldämpfer und weitere kleinere Veränderungen erhalten. Derzeit befindet sich das Projekt noch in der Testphase, unter anderem um die perfekte Abstimmung von Waffe, Schalldämpfer und Munitionsart zu garantieren.

Among other things, the barrel on the weapon is extended by 2 cm and provided with a corresponding thread to accommodate the silencer.


CZ with better support

At the end of last year, CZ redesigned its website to offer the customer more service. It is now available in four languages, including German.

With the new CZ configurator, everyone can personalize their weapon and order online directly from the factory. For example, colors, prints, magazines, optics or accessories can be selected and integrated using the configurator. It is already online for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Other countries such as Germany, Poland, France or the USA are to follow shortly. This option is primarily aimed at sport shooters, but procurers can also quickly and easily see which configurations are available and, if necessary, come closest to their own skill requirements.

There is even the option of "crowdfunding" after putting together the "favorite weapon" and getting the weapon financed.

In terms of shooting sport, CZ is the global partner of the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). In doing so, CZ wants to ensure the support of the shooters this year and help them to organize great events and to make the IPSC shooting sport more widely available.

André Forkert