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As the last parliamentary instance, the budget committee of the German Bundestag approved the 25 million euro bill for the procurement of 38 Eurofighters from Tranche 3B and thus gave the green light for the project. According to information from the dpa, the committee members of the governing coalition (CDU / CSU and SPD), the FDP and the AFD have agreed, those from Bündnis90 / Greens abstained and those from the Left Party voted against. ESuT already had details of the project here and here reported.

In addition to the 38 aircraft, spare parts as well as ground service test equipment and special tools (BPS) are to be procured. The Ministry of Defense expects the first new Eurofighters in 2025. The delivery period extends until 2030. The Eurofighters in Tranche 1 have to be replaced because these aircraft do not have the full capabilities of the other Eurofighters. In addition, according to the Ministry of Defense, spare and replacement parts are no longer manufactured.

Three of the new machines are intended for test purposes and will be assigned to the future national test and development center Eurofighter. The center is currently under construction. It is intended to significantly support future system support and further development of the modern E-Scan radar, among other things.

The manufacturer consortium Eurofighter GmbH can now continue production on the assembly lines on which, among other things, the aircraft for the Arab Emirates are currently being manufactured. The prospects that Switzerland and Finland will also opt for the Eurofighter could be improved by the order from Germany. There is also growing hope that more Eurofighters will be ordered to replace part of the aging Tornado fleet. The Ministry of Defense intends to order up to 55 more Eurofighters - albeit only after the federal election in autumn 2021. Boeing plans to order F18s for the nuclear participation previously experienced with the tornado.

"Securing the Quadriga is excellent news for the entire Eurofighter company," said Herman Claesen, CEO of Eurofighter GmbH, welcoming the budget committee's decision. The company expects the contract to be signed in the near future.

Gerhard Heiming