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The Bundeswehr has won the last Euro Fighter ordered on 17 December 2019 as AeroBuzz reported. Since 2004, the Bundeswehr has received 143 warplanes Euro Fighter in three tranches, which differ technically strong. Originally, the Bundeswehr had planned the procurement of 250 euros fighters. In several planning and negotiation steps, the scope of the order to 143 aircraft has been reduced.

In the planning is the replacement of the tranche 1-Euro Fighter by new buildings 38 with the Phased Array Radar (AESA) E-Scan Mk 1, in the Project Quadriga to be procured seven two-seater and 26-seater, with an option for another five-seater. A decision to award of financing is expected in the third quarter 2020th

First Flight Euro Fighter in Kuwait configuration

On December 23, 2019 Turin-Caselle the first instrumented production aircraft (ISPA 6) has successfully completed the configuration of the Kuwaiti Air Force made its first flight in the flight test center of Leonardo Aircraft Division.

The latest Euro Fighter in Kuwait configuration (Photo: Euro Fighter)

The aircraft is the first to be innovative, the Captor E-scan radar flying with the phase improvement P3Eb and is an important milestone for the commissioning of the Euro Fighters in the State of Kuwait.

2016 Kuwait had ordered 28 Euro Fighter and wants to put into service the aircraft 2020th

The ability to package for Kuwait includes the integration of Storm Shadow and Brimstone and other air-ground weapons. In addition, it provides for the integration of a new, advanced Laserbebeleuchterpods (Lockheed Martin Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod), which will expand the Euro Fighter portfolio of approved Laserpods; the introduction of the DRS-Cubic ACMI P5 Kampftrainingspods and an improved navigation aid (VOR).

Gerhard Heiming