Wehr Technical Report - Tactical Air Defense System published

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The current development of modern weapons systems in the short- and medium-range missiles is today's air defense systems with major challenges. The wide range of threats from the air can only be countered by the use of modern technologies. With the Tactical Air Defense System (TLVS) we want to expand our capabilities in the field of ground-based air defense significantly.

Major projects and new acquisitions are lighthouses. The Air Force is very interested in the success of the project and we hope soon possible into concrete plans for the human, material and infrastructural transition to TLVS to enter.

The new system promises high-performance sensors, flexibility, mobility, interoperability, self-protection and modularity. TLVS uses German high technology and thus guarantees the system authority in this field, offers a 360-degree combat capability, flexible linkable weapons, promises a low staff approach to operation. TLVS also offers the open, flexible system architecture and the "plug and fight" principle best opportunities for armaments cooperation and for use in the alliance.

With TLVS Germany will fulfill its role as NATO framework nation and we underline our leading role in the field of air defense.

TLVS is one of the most technologically ambitioniertesten development programs in Germany. The technical complexity of the high-tech sector is also associated with temporal, qualitative and financial risks. Since we do not want to give up the benefits of advanced technology, it is important to minimize the risks through transparency and systematic project management specifically.

The goal is to make the development risk manageable, the complexity of the contract negotiations has increased. For all those involved in this case the principle of "thoroughness before speed" applies. Only in this way we can guarantee our joint success and make sure that we get an air defense system that can meet the demands of the future reliable.

The Team Air Force has got some professional expertise in the current process, and we remain optimistic that we will get with TLVS on the world market not previously available capabilities for our contribution to national and Alliance defense and international crisis management. With the light of the forthcoming decisions TLVS is the future launch of our ground-based air defense.

Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, Inspector of the Air Force



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