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Das TLVS-Bieterkonsortium, ein Joint Venture von MBDA Deutschland und Lockheed Martin, hat beim Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) sein Angebot für die Entwicklung, Erprobung und Lieferung des Taktischen Luftverteidigungssystems TLVS abgegeben. TLVS is the future integrated air defense and missile defense system of the Bundeswehr.

The tender envisages a four-phase approach in which developed the system, integrated, tested and finally delivered as lasting working multi-mission system. For the system to be introduced to new skills and, compared to systems in use significantly higher performance expected.

sufficient "A glance at the headlines to see that in just the last five years, the range of enemy threats has substantially increased. Today, we are dealing with an environment in which these threats will continue to increase, "explains Dietmar Thelen, managing director of the joint venture MBDA TLVS GmbH. more "Germany needs a future-proof solution that can grow with the increasing threat," says Thelen.

TLVS to replace developed in the late 1960's Patriot systems. The system now offered to provide threat protection from a much wider range, including through two versions of mission-specific missile, expanded sensor capabilities, a new communication system, sophisticated software algorithms and higher cyber security. According to the offering consortium TLVS will be the first integrated air defense system, the more threats - in the short and medium ranges - track simultaneously and fight can and a full 360 degree protection offers.

"We have TLVS designed according to the requirements of the customer. Our approach reduces risks, supports lower life cycle costs and increases the effectiveness of Alliance missions, "said Gregory Kee, managing director of TLVS joint venture of Lockheed Martin. "TLVS offers Germany as a NATO framework nation a high degree of system independence in air defense."

Jurgen Hensel