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The tactical air defense system (TLVS), for which the Bundeswehr is currently negotiating with TLVS GmbH about a procurement contract, is to be equipped with a long-range sensor for airspace surveillance and a fire control radar, as well as a mid-range sensor for both airspace surveillance and fire control, especially in connection with the secondary missile IRIS-T SL is provided.

According to TLVS GmbH, Thales Germany has now offered the Ground Master 200 Multi Mission Compact (GM200 MM / C) radar system as a mid-range sensor. The S-band radar is based on the modern AESA technology (Active Electronically Scanned Array) with gallium nitride elements. This allows rotating and stationary operating modes with high flexibility and data repetition rates of less than one second. The range for discovering small air targets is more than 130 kilometers, the instrumented range is up to 400 kilometers.

The design of the GM200 MM / C reflects the system requirements of TLVS / MEADS in terms of use, networking (“plug and fight”), transport and mobility.

The range with the GM200 MM / C, power generator and cooling is an autonomous system and can also be operated without a vehicle. Due to its compact design and low weight, the system can be transported on trucks or as air freight.

Thanks to the electronically stabilized antenna, the system can be put into operation quickly after transport. When decommissioning, the required time is significantly less than five minutes because, for example, no hydraulic supports have to be retracted. This makes it possible to clear the position quickly, possibly tactically.

The GM200 MM / C is part of the Thales S-band radar platform family. The modular structure, the use of AESA technology and the digitization of the fully programmable radar open up considerable growth potential.

A first prototype of the GM200 MM / C has been available for testing purposes since 2016. In November 2019, the Netherlands signed a series contract for nine devices for ground-based air defense. Series production has started.

In addition to being used by TLVS, the GM200 MM / C is also suitable for other Air Force applications. It can be used as surveillance radar for short-range and nearest-range protection (NNbS) and for the short-range protection system MANTIS (Modular, Automatic and Network capable Targeting and Interception System). According to Thales, the GM200 could be integrated on protected vehicles such as dingo or boxers. It can also be air-loaded with the C-130J.

Last but not least, equipping with GM200 would be a further step for German-Dutch cooperation.

Gerhard Heiming