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The Finnish Armed Forces have received all of the GTP 4 × 4 protected vehicles ordered. The vehicles were ordered from the manufacturer Sisu Auto in June 2020.

The vehicles were delivered as five-seat armored multi-purpose vehicles or ten-seat armored personnel carriers. Mission modules are mounted on the vehicle chassis, which is the same for both versions, with which the vehicles can be adapted to a large number of different roles. By using truck components from mass production, the logistical effort - and thus the life cycle costs - remain low.

The 14-ton vehicles (combat weight) can carry a payload of five tons and are powered by a 230 kW Mercedes-Benz diesel engine. The top speed reaches 100 km / h, the range up to 700 km. Waters up to 85 cm deep can be waded through without preparation. Protection against mines, blasts and fire is certified according to STANAG 4569. Protection against anti-tank weapons and NBC weapons can be integrated as an option.

Geschützte Mehrzweck- und Transportfahrzeug GTP 4x4 in Finnland ausgeliefert

Gerhard Heiming