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After approval by the budget committee of the German Bundestag at the end of November 2020, 48 tractor units (SaZgM) have now been called up. The order is based on a framework contract that was signed in 2018 with a total order value of 122 million euros. It provides for the procurement of up to 137 tractor units between 2019 and 2025, 32 of which have already been delivered. The vehicles that have now been called up are to be delivered in the same installments in 2021 and 2022 and are therefore available for use by the spearhead of NATO VJTF 2023. These are vehicles in the 70-tonne payload class with a value of 41 million euros, as Rheinmetall has now announced.

The tractor units are used in conjunction with heavy-duty low-loaders that can carry a maximum payload of 70 tons (e.g. Leopard 2 battle tank). This results in a permissible gross train weight of 130 tons.

The vehicle type used for the tractor units is HX81, a vehicle from the modern HX2 heavy-duty off-road vehicle series. A 500 kW diesel engine drives all eight wheels. This enables a top speed of up to 89 km / h to be achieved: it is possible to master inclines of up to 60 percent. The driver's cab is the same as in the unprotected transport vehicles UTF mil., Which are currently running in large numbers to the armed forces. If necessary, the cabin can be exchanged for a protected version without changing the chassis. To support the loading process, the tractor unit has a double winch system from Rotzler with twice 20 tons of pulling force.

The new tractor units are referred to as Elefant 2 in the group. They complement the SLT 2 Mammut, which has been introduced in 2012, with protected crew cabins.

Weitere 48 Sattelzugmaschinen für den Schwerlasttransport

Gerhard Heiming