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Fifteen months after the Czech Ministry of Defense ordered 62 Titus multipurpose vehicles, the procurement process has entered the next round. The manufacturer Nexter has now delivered the first prototype to Tatra Defense Vehicles. Shelling and blasting tests are carried out there in preparation for the acceptance tests for the Czech armed forces.

In July 2019, the Czech Ministry of Defense ordered 62 protected multipurpose vehicles Titus (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System) for around 258 million euros, which are manufactured by the French group Nexter in cooperation with the Czech company Eldis Pardubice. Nexter has built a protected cabin on a Tatra Trucks chassis that can accommodate up to 13 people. 42 vehicles are to be used for command and communication tasks and 20 vehicles for the fire control of the artillery.

It is planned that the vehicles will be delivered by the end of 2025. With a combat weight of 27 tons, the Titus is powered by a 300 kW Cummins diesel engine. The protection against projectiles, splinters, mines and IED can be set between level 2A / 2B and 4A / 4B depending on the requirements. A special feature of the 6 × 6 vehicle is the steering with front and rear wheels (1st and 3rd axles), which leads to a particularly small turning circle.

Gerhard Heiming