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In the Dutch armed forces, the supply of new logistics vehicles has begun. A total of more than 2,800 trucks will be delivered by 2026. Operator training has already started with 72 driving school vehicles with 4 × 4 chassis that have already been handed over.

The new Scania Gryphus vehicles are derived from the Scania XT, which was launched in 2017. The new vehicle will be delivered in three versions.

The standard version, of which the Dutch get 2,500, is the all-wheel drive 8 × 8 truck for a payload of ten tons. The vehicles are equipped with camouflage and infrared lighting, radios and antennas, electronic defensive measures and mounts for machine weapons. Load carriers or containers are used as superstructures, sometimes supplemented by a vehicle crane. The ten-ton truck is powered by a 370 kW Euro 6 diesel engine. Only for this variant are 185 armored cabins from Centigon procured, which can be exchanged for the unarmored cabins if necessary and protect the crews from fire and blasts. In addition to the configuration for standard transport tasks, the vehicles are equipped as command post vehicles, workshop vehicles and fuel transporters.

The light 6 × 6 variant also has a payload of ten tons. The special military equipment is missing. The vehicles are used for driving school and ground transportation at military airports.

The heavyweight is the 6 × 6 tractor with a maximum payload of 15 tons. The vehicle is equipped with a fifth wheel which can be used to transport trailers.

Auslieferung der Scania Gryphus an die Truppe hat begonnen

The smallest variant with a 4 × 4 chassis has a payload of just five tons. Load carriers and containers are available for transport tasks. The marine infantry receives vehicles that have been modified for wading in salt and fresh water up to a depth of 1.5 m. This enables amphibious operations and landing craft operations.

The main user of Scania Gryphus is the Dutch army, which receives around 2,400 vehicles. The air force receives around 270 trucks and the navy 130 trucks. Additional vehicles are planned for the military police and the support command.

Gerhard Heiming