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Do future battle tanks look like this? A 130mm / L51 cannon was presented at Eurosatory 2016. The manufacturer Rheinmetall now demonstrates how this works with a current main battle tank in a video:



The western main battle tanks are unable to safely eliminate all potential enemy tanks (such as the T14 Armata). One way to counter such threats is to increase the caliber of the tank cannon. Cannons with a tube diameter of up to 150mm were being developed. The 130mm version is now demonstrated in the video.

The cannon weighs three tons, including 1.4 tons for the 6.63 m long tube. Due to the larger caliber and structural improvements, a higher initial speed can be achieved, which decisively determines the penetration capacity of kinetic projectiles. In order to take full advantage of this advantage, new types of ammunition have also been developed.

The 130mm cannon is not only suitable for retrofitting existing battle tanks (as shown in the video), but also as a main weapon for the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS), for which development has started with German-French studies.

Gerhard Heiming