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In the course of the 44th convention of the CSU, which on 6 - took place in Seeon January 8, 2020, several defense policy decisions were made.

defense budget

The CSU is committed to increasing defense spending. It aims at a full equipment of the armed forces and is committed to the two-percent target of NATO, which you will have reached even before the 2030th For this, the budget for the defense in the context of medium-term financial plan should the federal government increased by an additional EUR 3 billion annually.


The CSU sees NATO remains a crucial guarantor of security and is committed to nuclear sharing and the participation in the deterrence strategy of NATO, to receive a "timely" For replenishment of a suitable successor Tornado required. Furthermore, could you with the new Tactical Air Defense System (TLVS) "in the future to protect the Alliance against a missile threat to make a quality contribution". The European pillar of NATO will be further strengthened by the "development of military structures and capabilities within the EU, including with PESCO and the mounted projects under the Franco-German defense cooperation (eg FCAS and MGCS)".

Bundeswehr in public

The visibility of the Bundeswehr in the public to continue to increase and to anchor the armed forces as the mainstay of the company in public, called on the CSU, in principle, publicly perform the vows of the Bundeswehr. In addition, the "use of young officers become an obvious instrument of school education" in the field of defense and security education should be. The party calls for the doubling of Jungendoffiziere and their integration in all state institutions.

Waldemar Geiger