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NATO initiative on joint procurement crucial types of ammunition for the Land Forces (Land Battle Decisive Munitions, l BDM) have joined from 29 NATO countries 23rd The youngest members are the Czech Republic and Sweden, have sealed their accession on 12 February 2020 Brussels.

The l BDM initiative is a multinational framework for the acquisition and management of key ammunition (as ammunition for tanks, machine guns, mortars and tube and rocket artillery) for ground forces. It allows participating nations to reduce their procurement costs by unite and combine their purchasing needs. The initiative will also increase the ability of the participating nations to use ammunition together.

L BDM was started during the NATO summit in 2018, and the first delivery of purchased ammunition followed within six months. The implementation of the project is the responsibility of NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

With "Maritime Battle Decisive Munitions" (MBDM) and "Precision Guided Munitions" (PGM) similar projects run for sea and air forces.