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In the decade from 2010 to 2020, the German Army trained 3,388 soldiers from foreign armed forces at its educational and training facilities. The Federal Government informed the Bundestag of this in response to a parliamentary question. 1,093 soldiers came from the armed forces of countries that are not members of the EU and NATO. According to this information, 91 foreign soldiers, 78 of them from non-EU and non-NATO countries, have been trained at the education and training facilities of the Air Force. In the Navy, 2,652 soldiers, 314 of them from non-EU and non-NATO countries, have been trained at the educational and training facilities.

The federal government did not provide any information about which non-NATO countries sent soldiers to Germany for training. She claims that this is not possible for diplomatic reasons. This also makes it impossible to understand from which politically problematic states the course participants were sent. Since the Bundeswehr destroys the names and documents on the course participants after five years, as it says in the parliamentary answer, it is also not possible to determine which route the soldiers trained in Germany took in the armed forces of their home country.

Soldiers from so-called third countries have not only been trained in the central training facilities of the armed forces. According to the Federal Government, a further 1,442 foreign soldiers, 529 of them from non-EU and non-NATO, were also employed in the facilities of the NBC defense, logistics, verification, information technology and geographic information systems -States, trained. According to the information sent to parliament, the Bundeswehr universities in Hamburg and Munich have visited 312 foreign soldiers, 130 of them from non-EU and non-NATO countries.

Bundeswehr stark in der Ausbildung ausländischer Soldaten

Rolf Clement