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The Bundeswehr is planning for the Tiger combat helicopter, the mid-life upgrade under the name Tiger Mk III. The modernization of armament guided and unguided 70mm rockets to study topics include.

Thales and Rheinmetall Weapon Ammunition (RWM) have now (2.75 rocket systems ") completed for the German market, an agreement on cooperation in the future development, qualification and production of the 70-mm missile systems. The solutions for guided and unguided missiles should however be suitable for integration into helicopters to other platforms.

Currently, 70-mm rockets systems (2.75 "rocket systems) used with unguided rockets by Thales at the hospital of Tiger. The approval of the Airbus helicopter H145M has already been applied for.

As part of the agreement, Rheinmetall Weapon Ammunition leads the team GmbH to the German customers and brings its experience as a major supplier to the Bundeswehr one, in order to meet future requirements.

Thales und Rheinmetall entwickeln gemeinsam 70-mm-Raketen
Thales und Rheinmetall entwickeln gemeinsam 70-mm-Raketen

RWM and Thales bring important complementary skills with, particularly in the context of the Tiger Mk III program (guided missile mode "lock-on before launch" enhanced communication between the missile system and the platform (identification, remote control, etc.).

Gerhard Heiming