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Airbus Helicopters wants to integrate the Spike ER2 precision guided missile from the Israeli manufacturer Rafael into the H145M multi-purpose helicopter. According to media reports, the first flight tests of the weapon with a new, lighter quadruple launcher have already taken place. As an Airbus spokesman confirmed, the aerodynamic test determined, among other things, the air resistance of the built-in system and checked the vibration behavior. The fully digital control of the turret made it possible to integrate the Spike ER2 into the H145M architecture.

To enable the H145M for combat tasks, Airbus developed the H-Force weapon platform. Together with fire control elements, various machine weapons as well as unguided and guided missiles can be integrated in a modular manner. According to Airbus, all available weapons can be used in the highest expansion stage with H-Force.

Kampfversion der H145M soll Spike ER2 verschießen  
In the picture: The fourfold launcher for the Spike ER2 (Photo: Rafael)

The Spike ER2 missile that is now to be integrated weighs around 35 kg and is designed for target distances of up to ten kilometers. With new data links - as demonstrated, for example, in the Timber Express exercise (ESUT reported) and technology reported - the combat distance should be able to be increased up to 16 km. According to the manufacturer, the new seeker head can be switched between daylight and infrared mode.

Kampfversion der H145M soll Spike ER2 verschießen  
Kampfversion der H145M soll Spike ER2 verschießen  

Apparently there is already a customer for H-Force with Spike ER2, but Airbus does not want to name him. Before the system can be delivered, it is necessary to demonstrate all skills in flight, up to and including the sharp shot. According to Airbus, this is planned for the near future as soon as a place for the customer test flights has been selected. According to the spokesman, the dates for this have not yet been set.

Gerhard Heiming