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The US manufacturer of rocket launchers Arnold Defense and the French armaments group Thales, which manufactures rockets among other things, have certified the new laser-guided FZ275 rockets in 70 mm caliber for launching from the Fletcher rocket launcher LGR4 after a joint shooting campaign in Sweden.

This has expanded the range of Thales missiles that are compatible with the Arnold Defense missile launchers, the company has announced. The combination of the ground-based Fletcher launcher and the FZ275 LGR (the lightest and longest-range 70mm / 2.75-inch LGR in its class) enables rapid reaction forces to fight fixed and mobile targets precisely with minimal collateral damage, so Arnold Defense further. This type of capability has previously been limited to aircraft-based platforms.

The Fletcher Land-LGR4 is light, reliable and offers precision fire support that was previously only possible with aircraft. It can be mounted on a ground vehicle, watercraft, or stand independently. It was first presented in 2017 at the DSEI trade fair in London and has since completed test kills with a success rate of 100 percent at distances of up to 6 km, as the manufacturer writes. With an empty weight of 27.2 kg and dimensions of 203x203x1.892 mm, it can hold four missiles.

Leichter Werfer für 70-mm-Lenkraketen zertifiziert
The launcher can hold four missiles. Source: Arnold Defense

The guided missile FZ275 LGR is designed to bridge the gap between the expensive airborne guided missiles, the small-caliber weapons (e.g. 12.7mm machine gun, 20 or 30mm automatic cannon) and the unguided conventional missiles. This is to provide a precision weapon to increase the effectiveness of platforms for fighting light and semi-hard targets.

The 70 mm rocket with a 4.1 kg warhead weighs a total of 12.7 kg. The semi-active laser seeker head is compatible with STANAG 3733.

According to the manufacturer, this missile meets the requirements for precise and reliable ammunition to reduce the hazard potential and avoid collateral damage.

The fully equipped turret system, weighing less than 80 kg, can be mounted on light land or water vehicles. A tripod mount is available for vehicle-independent use.

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