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Rheinmetall by the Australian government a contract to supply 211
get Radpanzern type boxer with a total value of 2.1 billion euros. The delivery
of-the-art 8 × 8-wheel drive vehicles to the period from 2019 to 2026
erfolgen. Der Boxer wurde bereits von der Bundeswehr und den Streitkräften in den
Netherlands and acquired in Lithuania. The Australian forces guide the
Boxer within the project "Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle" (CRV) in several
Variants. The Spähpanzer variants - 133 of 211 vehicles - be
be also equipped with the new Lance Tower of Rheinmetall, via a
30-mm gun has. Rheinmetall cooperated in the Boxer 8 x 8 CRV project closely with
Australian industry and saw strong in the country and powerful
Project team forms. A significant part of the industrial added value in the context
Boxer manufacturing for the Australian armed forces will be held in the client country.
About 40 Australian companies are involved in the program.

Wilhelm Bocklet