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The prime contractor for the new mobile, ground-based air defense system of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Kongsberg has chosen the radars of Weibel Scientific. The particular strength of the radars of Weibel is the ability, very low-flying small drones and slow (low-flying, small and slow - LSS) to detect at great distances and track. This ability, the company achieved through a combination of monitoring and high-precision positioning technology, the Weibel already developed in 2016 for the Indonesian Air Force. This same technology is now also contribute to the safety of Norwegian airspace.

"This is one of the most strategic orders that we have received throughout our history," Peder R. Pedersen, said CEO of Weibel Scientific, on the occasion of the new contract. "We have demonstrated the technology by Weibel that stands out from the biggest suppliers in the global market surveillance radar by others."

The mobile air defense system of the Norwegian Armed Forces is in addition to the radars of Weibel from systems from Kongsberg NASAMS Raytheon and IRIS-T SLS of Diehl Defense.

"We won because we are the only radar manufacturer in the world that can deliver a completely unique technology," Pedersen added. "When we three years ago, the first radar, the Doppler and pulse technology combined delivered to Indonesia, we have laid the foundation for a completely new business area with great potential. This agreement with Kongsberg is a further milestone on our strategic path. "

Dorothee Frank