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The new German and Norwegian submarines of the type 212CD will receive active sonar systems and ground navigation technology from Kongsberg Maritime. As the company announced, the contract was awarded by the general contractor thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS) and the joint venture kta naval systems, in which Kongsberg and tkMS / ATLAS Elektronik work together.

According to information from Kongsberg, the technology package consists of mine avoidance and navigation sonars (MANS) SA9510S MKII as well as a ground navigation device (BNS) with fan echo sounders EM2040 MIL and a fan echo sounder system EA640. These sensors are intended to provide information for the ORCCA navigation system from kta naval systems in order to enable the submarines to operate independently underwater.

The command and weapon deployment system (FüWes) ORCCA enables the operators to use a multifunctional console to analyze data from a large number of systems on board - and thus fast, well-founded decision-making processes, says Kongsberg. ORCCA is the most modern FüWes for non-nuclear submarines on the market with maximum adaptability and the highest level of IT security.

Sonar- und Navigationssysteme für U-Boote 212CD

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