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TheHessian police Heckler & Koch has engaged with the supply of middle-distance weapons. A total of around 2,000 G38 are to be procured in a Hessian version. In the medium term, the Hessian police nationwide 5.56mm x 45 performs thus a modern medium-range weapon (MDW) one in caliber.

The G38 MDW Hessehas a 14.5 "run, a slim-line hand protectionhKeyInterfaces, and a semi-automatic trigger mechanism with 90-degree protection.

The Middle distance weapon setscomein two configurations:

The agent Ranged Weapon Set 1 has aAimpoint CompM4 Reflex sight. Up to 1,614 weapons to be delivered in this release.

ThatMitel ranged weaponsSet 2 will have a Steiner M5Xi riflescope special model Hesse. Of thisKonfigurtaionhave come up to 391 weapons.

HK G38 mit einem Steiner M5Xi-Zielfernrohr Sondermodell Hessen (MDW Set 2) (Fotos: HK)

This package comes weapon lights (Streamlight), Front handles and shoulder bags for magazines and otherAQUIPMENT. There are also car storage boxes, test, measurement and special tools, training for technical personnel and training, the use coach. equallyMarkierungssysteme part of the supply contract.

Delivery of the first middle distance weapon sets is planned for the end of 2019.

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange