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The police of Saxony-Anhalt introduces the pistol Glock 46 as a new service pistol. It replaces the SIG which is still in service Sauer P6. As the Ministry of Interior of the province announced today that the Austrian manufacturer received in the course of an award procedure the contract to equip the future nearly 6,400 police officers and officials.

The switch to the new service pistol model should be completed by the end of the 2021st U. a. are the police contenders and be the first -anwärter Fachhochschule police, which are equipped with the new weapon. The special forces are exempt from the new acquisitions, as their weaponry is on a modern state. In addition to the purchase of 8,600 new service pistols / accessories, including reserve and training weapons and models for education and training, there are a number of additional project costs, such as for the required conversion of the police own weapons workshop. The total cost is approximately 8.6 million euros.

The model 46 is for the caliber 9 x 19 mm set up differs in terms of its structure but significantly from the usual Glock standards from. The Glock 46 has a new rotary barrel locking system. With this construction, it is possible that a partition of the gun without pulling the trigger - a central requirement of the Technical Guideline "gun". Saxony-Anhalt is Germany's first country to introduce a weapon of the Austrian manufacturer as a standard weapon. When special police units of the federal and state governments and also in the army Glock with different versions of the models 17, 19 and 26, however, for many years in use.

The renewal of the service pistols in Saxony-Anhalt was necessary not only because of the outdated technology and the consequent increased requirements of maintenance. The advancements in the industry as well as the abstract terrorist threat location made an adjustment to the current circumstances and therefore a change of armament required. To the test method nearly 100 experts were involved from the Interior Ministry and the downstream division of the National Police.

The Glock 46 can be customized in many details to the respective users. Particular emphasis was placed on a high magazine capacity, the lowest possible weight, a simple and safe operation as well as to the particular hand size of individual police officers flexibly adaptable handle the selection decision.

Interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht: "I am pleased that we continue the offensive equipment of the National Police. With the new service pistol, police officers and police officers receive a cutting-edge tool to prevent threats to which they must rely in an emergency and can. After the upcoming training and instruction I trust in a professional handling of the new weapon. "

Glock 46 wird neue Dienstpistolen - Generation in Sachsen-Anhalt
Glock 46 wird neue Dienstpistolen - Generation in Sachsen-Anhalt

New Glock slim-line guns and G43X G48 on the Shot Show

Glock 46 wird neue Dienstpistolen - Generation in Sachsen-Anhalt
New Glock slim-line guns and G43X G48 - 2 (Photo: Glock)

Just in time for SHOT Show Glock has introduced two new models of pistols. The models G43X and G48 are specially designed for concealed carry. The weapons in the caliber 9 x 19 mm have the proven Safe-Action system with heat strengthened striker assembly. The silvery colored closures carry a nPVD coating. G43X G48 and follow a similar approach as the Glock 19X: combine compact dimensions with generous grips.

So that they not only cover a broader range of hand sizes from, but show a more balanced and offer a higher magazine capacity. Having a width of 28 mm, the two new "slim-line" fall pistols just 1mm wider than the subcompact Glock 43. The 32 mm width of the Glock 19 Gen 5 they offer to 4 mm. So that the G48 is similar dimensionally the Glock 19Gen5 but 4 mm appears slimmer.

Glock 46 wird neue Dienstpistolen - Generation in Sachsen-Anhalt
New Glock slim-line guns and G43X G48 - 1 (Photo: Glock)

The G43X has 159 millimeters, the same length as the Model 43, but can be better access again thanks to its G48-grip and also has a higher magazine capacity - namely ten rather than six cartridges. Other features of the two new guns handling grooves are the front of the closure for a better charge control, the integrated Beaver part, the shorter distance of the trigger to the handle, the Glock run with improved polygon profile and optionally left and right anbzubringende magazine release button. The magazine holds - as mentioned - ten cartridges and has an orange feeder on.

January Phillipp Weisswange