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The Bundeswehr is modernizing its sniper rifles G22 and G22A1. Accuracy International Ltd. (AI) and its German officials Pol-Tec from Fürth bring by 2020, all 780 weapons to the default G22A2.

AI and Pol-Tec have 2018 introduced the first G22A2. Markantester difference is the new stock design of the AX series. She takes the place of the old standards AWM-F, which now is no longer in production. The AX-scarf joint is characterized by a long STANAG 4694 / Mil-Std 1913 rail on the top and has lateral patented AI KeySlot interfaces. In this way, it provides a high degree of modularity. The buttstock can Fold in the right side of the weapon.

The G22A2 now comes in shade AI Pale Brown. Also new is the scope Steiner Military 5-25 x 56 to the tremor three reticle, which is also on the sniper rifle G29 used. In this way, training and handling should unify. The caliber 7.62 x 67 mm (.300 Winchester Magnum) remains, however, receive the new G22A2.

"Thank you to the BAAINBw that it has commissioned us to upgrade their sniper rifles to G22A2, a superior rifle with outstanding capabilities," said Tom Irwin, director of AI. "We look forward to working with our German representatives Pol-Tec and the BAAINBw to deliver these guns again."

The G22 came in the wake of a new sniper concept mid-1990s in the troupe.

January Phillipp Weisswange