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The Austrian Armed Forces will be equipped with light and medium-sized recovery vehicles as well as matching low-loader trailers. The delivery of the 71 light recovery vehicles RMMV HX2 42M 6×6 took place between July and December 2022. Delivery of the 24 ordered medium recovery vehicles with the same type designation has now begun, as the Austrian vehicle manufacturer Empl announced on Facebook on April 21st. At the same time, Empl is delivering 35 4-axle Quattro trailers for the transport of heavy combat vehicles.

The HX2 vehicles manufactured by the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) joint venture are powered by a 324 kW diesel engine and can be used in road trains weighing up to 78 tons with a dead weight of 27.6 tons. The vehicles are equipped with two 120 kN winches with 60 m of rope and a remote-controlled 36 mt Palfinger loading crane that can lift 3.8 t with a 9.5 m radius. A hydraulic recovery device from Empl with a maximum lifting capacity of eight tons is used for vehicle recovery. To increase the towing load, the crane can be placed forward.

Delivery of the medium recovery vehicle HX2 M42 42M 6×6 with 48 t 4-axle trailer has begun. (Photo: Empl)

Nach der Beschreibung von Empl befindet sich im mittleren Bereich des Aufbaus eine Pritsche mit Falt-Verdeck und Staukästen für eine Nutzlast von ca. zwei Tonnen. Die NATO-Anhängekupplung ist tiefergesetzt, um den Quattro- Tiefladeanhänger ziehen zu können.

The Quattro 4-axle trailer, which Empl is building in cooperation with Doll, is designed for a total weight of 48 tons. Hybrid steering and hydraulic forced steering lead to good cornering properties. Manual steering via radio remote control enables maneuvering in tight spaces. Damaged vehicles can be pulled onto the trailer using the towing vehicle's recovery winches.

The Austrian armed forces have invested a total of 71 million euros, most of which goes to domestic contractors.

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