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In the future, Rheinmetall will supply precision subsystems for the US Army's Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS). The company has announced that CROWS manufacturer Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace has signed a framework agreement with American Rheinmetall to support the US Army's CROWS program. The five-year framework agreement could result in incoming orders for Rheinmetall in the tens of millions.

According to the company announcement, the further delivery of precision subsystems including high-resolution, image-stabilized electro-optical sensors (daily cameras), weapon mounts and other important assemblies was agreed. American Rheinmetall Systems has been supplying supporting subsystems since 2008 and has performed thousands of repairs, maintenance and upgrades for in-service systems during that time.

The CROWS systems enable armed forces to engage targets in motion or stationary with precise fire day and night. They are equipped with a daylight camera, a thermal imager and a laser range finder. Kongsberg has delivered more than 23,000 CROWS systems to 26 nations worldwide in 17 years.

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