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The US Army has retrieved an additional tranche of remote controlled weapon station worth 44 million euros in Kongsberg. The complete 2018 framework agreement with a volume of 453 is thus meeting 68 percent.

Since 2007, Kongsberg has delivered more than 16,000 Common Remotely operated Weapon Stations (CROWS), which are predominantly used in the US Army.

The weapon station used for CROWS is a further development of the Protector family. It consists of a stabilized mount, usually on the vehicle roof, for receiving machine guns, as well as observation and aiming optics and a control unit in the vehicle. The weapons range from medium machine guns (7.62 mm) on heavy machine guns (caliber 12.7 mm), 40 mm machine grenade launchers to anti-tank guided missiles, Javelin (with the latest Protector Generation). Day / night vision optics and laser rangefinder allow fire fight with high Erstschusstreffwahrscheinlichkeit.

On the DSEI Kongsberg presented the Protector LW30 RWS with Javelin and a 30 mm gun on the unmanned vehicle ThemIs of Milrem Robotics. This combination was previously successful in a test shooting at the Redstone Test Center, Alabama, United States.

Gerhard Heiming