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In the last few weeks there has been movement again in the expansion of German air defense after the Federal Chancellor outlined the idea of ​​a European solution. However, the introduction of a new tactical air defense system is not foreseeable, so that it will probably amount to a further developed Patriot system. A consistently complex to increasing aerial threat from maneuverable ballistic missiles and hypersonic weapons calls for upgrading this existing system with contemporary capabilities.

The energy supply will play a major role in the modernization or adaptation to current air defense scenarios, as more and more powerful components are being used. For example, in the design of new radars such as the LTAMDS radar or in the formation of entire protective screens, which also grow and should be able to be linked with each other using the plug-and-fight function. At the same time, resource-saving components are required. In terms of emissions, but also in terms of fuel consumption and thus the operating costs.

A modular product family with hybrid expansion

VINCORION, a supplier of the Patriot system for more than 30 years, as a technology company with a focus on innovative energy systems in security-critical application areas, is concentrating on modernizing the American air defense system. The company benefits from its experience with mobile, hybrid power supply units in the range from 50 to 200 kilowatts, which VINCORION will be supplying to the German armed forces, for example. First design reviews are planned for the end of 2023, that much can be revealed.

Patriot System – Generator (ExPP) HPS launcher for PAT Hybrid (Graphic: VINCORION)


Patriot System – Power Generator (EPP) HPS launcher for PAT Hybrid (Graphic: VINCORION)

One of the most important building blocks in VINCORION's conservation concept is therefore decarbonization. The technology company is thinking of a modular product family that combines motors, generators and additional energy storage for hybrid use. The concept includes prototypes for launcher and antenna mast vehicles with 15 kW, for independent fire control centers with 30 kW and 150 kW aggregates for the radar power supply. All modules are planned with a uniform 20-foot transport interface to the carrier vehicle. This makes the logistics easier and the aggregates are easy to use.

Military Qualified Systems: Stage V ready with emission downgrade technology

Stage V emission values ​​are therefore set. VINCORION's power generation units can be fueled with standard NATO fuels and operated in parallel or in combination with several systems. The decisive innovation here is the emission downgrade technology. In the case of foreign assignments, for example, it also enables electricity to be generated with inferior fuels with a reliable power supply. The guarantee for a reliable and safe mission. The local grid can also serve as an alternative source of energy. A double-track energy supply is set up via the modules, which the power generator takes over in the event of a failure.

VINCORION Advanced Systems GmbH
David Templin, Product Manager