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Efficient and reliable weapon straightening and stabilization systems for combat vehicles such as the Puma, the Leopard 2 or the PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer are an essential factor for superior operational management in combat missions on the ground. The technique of weapon stabilization of these three combat systems comes from the development of the mechatronics manufacturer VINCORION. Now the company is presenting the next generation of stabilization systems: the GTdrive Modular.

Most combat systems have individualized turret and weapon stabilization systems, each specially developed for the respective platform. These solutions convince with their accuracy of fit, but at the same time also cause undesirable side effects. Especially when modernizing existing systems, the high degree of customization can lead to an increase in complexity and costs. In view of continuously growing customer requirements such as the shortest possible development times, low costs and system availability over several decades, as well as increasing energy requirements due to additional integrated functions, VINCORION has therefore decided on a new approach.

The developers' claim: A turret and weapon stabilization that can be quickly and easily integrated into various target platforms, that minimizes technical risks and is flexible enough to be continuously adapted to market trends, and that manufacturers and users alike have cost advantages across the board Product life cycle offers. State-of-the-art technologies are to be used and the complexity of the system reduced at the same time - in short: the square of the circle.

GTdrive Modular: Innovative platform with tried and tested components

The answer that VINCORION delivers is called GTdrive Modular. Behind this is a kind of modular construction kit that enables individual solutions that enable a particularly high degree of flexibility in both product design and the manufacturing process. GTdrive Modular is an in-house development by VINCORION that combines hardware and software for modular control units with scalable power electronics and gyroscopes. Together with high-performance vertical and vertical straightening drives, which are also developed by VINCORION, this can be precisely integrated as a platform-specific assembly in different system architectures.

The intelligent modules are internally networked with one another by a real-time system bus and thus enable simple configuration. The integration into the vehicles
different manufacturers is ensured by easy-to-configure interfaces. The individual modules can be individually adapted to the available installation space - and in this way ensure a high degree of customization. Standard components such as sensors or control elements can also be easily integrated. Safety is guaranteed in accordance with DIN EN 61508.

State-of-the-art technologies and proactive obsolescence management

The mechatronics manufacturer VINCORION uses its many years of experience with stabilization systems for different platforms to develop the GTdrive Modular. In addition to technological development, a comprehensive MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) approach is also part of the overall concept. This enables the repair and further development of the system over the entire product life cycle. In addition, the manufacturer avoids unexpected supply and delivery problems as well as unforeseen cost increases through proactive obsolescence management.

Ready for combat systems of the future

"The GTdrive Modular allows individual solutions that combine highly developed technologies and comprehensive life cycle management and at the same time ensure a reduction in costs on all sides," says Dr. Stefan Stenzel, Managing Director of VINCORION. "We are sure that with solutions like these we can make a contribution to the platforms of the future - be it for significant further developments of existing systems or new developments such as the MGCS."

The VINCORION brand stands for tailor-made mechatronic solutions for civil and military applications and vehicles in the air, on land and in the water, which the company develops in dialogue with system houses and end customers. The company is part of the Jenoptik technology group and operates three locations in Germany in Altenstadt, Bavaria, in Essen and in Wedel near Hamburg.