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As part of the DWT conference "Future energy supply for mobile systems of the Bundeswehr" on September 9, 2020 in Bonn, SFC Energy AG and VINCORION, the mechatronics division of the Jenoptik technology group, signed a cooperation agreement for the development of the sustainable, portable energy management system "P2M2" (Portable Power Management Modules) signed.

P2M2 is a versatile energy management system for defense, rescue and disaster control forces. As a portable solution it is mainly used in areas far away from the conventional power grid. This is where the system unfolds its full potential and supplies demanding applications with power requirements of up to 15 kW with electricity. The modular structure allows maximum flexibility to operate and charge end devices and to adapt them to the respective requirements of the application.

The portable modules from VINCORION can be combined for energy supply, storage and distribution to suit the respective application. This enables direct current (12 V to 48 V) or alternating current (120 V to 400 V, 50 or 60 Hertz) to be provided. The individual modules provide eight kW continuous and up to 15 kW peak power. Storage modules offer an energy reserve of up to 2.3 kWh.

The feed modules can be supplied with energy from vehicles, solar panels or fuel cells. For this purpose, SFC provides the EFOY Pro 12000 Duo fuel cell, which, weighing 32 kg, supplies direct current with 500 W continuous output. The fuel cell uses methanol as a fuel, which only produces water as a waste product. Harmful exhaust gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and fine dust are not produced, as is waste heat at high temperatures. Since the fuel cartridges can be exchanged without interrupting operations, uninterrupted operation can be guaranteed for a long time. The fuel cells can be cascaded up to 20 kW electrical power.

With P2M2, an energy supply that is precisely tailored to the needs of remote units (e.g. special forces, reconnaissance units or pioneers) can be provided quickly.

Gerhard Heiming