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Close and close range air defense capability moving with ground forces is essential. And with the discussion about the delivery of Gepard anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine, it is more topical than ever. Although the need for Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) was also very evident in previous conflicts such as Israel. At the same time, the spectrum of threats to ground forces is growing faster than ever before. And that's assuming today's cheap drones and other small ballistic missiles. Fighting these missiles, which are superior in number, with expensive stationary air defense systems does not pay off and tactically quickly leads to quantitative overload.

Flexible energy supply at every level

A mobile escort is required, in addition to the still stationary systems. And the proven ability to aim and shoot on the move. In addition, the energy supply for several vehicle classes must be able to be operated with different effectors and their requirements, which has a strong influence on the design of the ideally scalable energy systems.

(Graphic: VINCORION)

As a technology company with a focus on innovative hybrid and conventional energy systems in safety-critical application areas and as an established system integrator, VINCORION has stood for these skills for 60 years. References such as Patriot, Cobra, Iris-T and experience in controlling weapon communication systems, such as in the Puma, speak for themselves.

The tactical difference lies in the reliability and efficiency of the energy supply for the subsystems of the short-range and close-range protection, because there are long downtimes in this scenario as well. Dedication to the point is so vital to survival.

VINCORION develops systems that cover various energy profiles, from launchers to radar. Due to the numerous additional capabilities, such as IT and reconnaissance components, these already have an increased, volatile energy requirement. A further increase in capabilities for pulsed and high-energy lasers moves an efficient and reliable energy supply further into focus. Here, VINCORION offers tailor-made hybrid energy systems in connection with modern and sustainable engine and aggregate solutions that can be integrated into various carrier platforms such as off-road trucks.

SHORAD sub-units with higher mobility and protection requirements, on the other hand, require armored carrier vehicles. VINCORION covers the resulting stricter space, weight and performance requirements for a reliable and efficient energy supply with systems that are integrated into the vehicle's main drive train and enable scalable hybridization.

Tailored to the modular principle

At the same time, VINCORION benefits from experience in integrating systems into predefined installation space. Coupled with the competence in the development of modular energy systems, customer requests can be tailored and the solutions can be installed deeply and flexibly for an upgrade in existing platforms or developed for new projects. VINCORION covers the entire vertical range of manufacture, from the printed circuit board to the development of entire energy systems, their comprehensive support and obsolescence management.

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