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The rapidly evolving threats on the electronic battlefield pose major challenges for today's air forces. Air Forces must be trained to deal with these threats and successfully achieve their objectives in the face of growing threats. Therefore, an upgrade of the training areas is necessary to present the pilots with a realistic environment that replicates modern air defense systems in order to optimize the effectiveness of the training. To this end, the companyELTA Systems Ltd. (ELTA)leveraged its five decades of technological legacy and culture of innovation toScorpius-T(ELL-8257SB), an advanced multi-threat beacon solution for use in real-time Electronic Warfare (EloKa) training and system testing and evaluation.

AESA EW: Pioneering Technology

Scorpius-T is based onELTA's Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) technology, which enables a significant increase in receiver sensitivity, effective radiated power (ERP) and sampling rate, far outperforming conventional electronic warfare solutions. The latter can lock onto a specific position in the sky with their conventional parabolic antennas and then scan slowly, but are unable to mimic modern air defense and missile radars, which use rapid electronic scanning and advanced modes such as simultaneous search and track. AESA technology overcomes these limitations and enables the emulation of modern threats never before seen in electronic warfare trainers.

Train hard, fight easy

Scorpius-T leverages AESA's flexible multibeam operation while reproducing the threats and radar modes encountered in today's air combat arena - ancient and modern. Scorpius-T supports large-scale, complex exercises engaging multiple exercise targets simultaneously with a choice of emulated radar emissions virtually identical to those of actual systems in the field. The system is capable of tracking multiple aircraft and transmitting tailored signals directly to them to create a realistic, signal-dense, multi-threat training environment for aircrew and electronic warfare operators. An easily programmable and updatable threat database also ensures realistic and always up-to-date training in the future. Scorpius-T also supports EloKa system tests and evaluations.

Scorpius-T's capabilities are unparalleled, with various training scenarios to challenge 4th and 5th fighter jets equipped with sophisticated internal radar and electronic warfare systems. Only a modern AESA electronic warfare trainer can provide realistic threat emulation and adequately challenge and train pilots flying these advanced aircraft. Pilots experience a realistic simulation of the actual threat by activating cockpit alarms as if the aircraft were being attacked by a sophisticated missile system. No other training system currently available can offer this experience.

The training can begin

Scorpius-T is easily deployed from a single all-terrain vehicle, and additional units can be networked to form an Integrated Air Defense System (IADS). The training scripts and rules of engagement are prepared in the Command and Control Center (CCC). The system operators program the simulated threats and prepare "surprises" to test the pilots' skills and ingenuity in real time.

The exercise begins - fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters move through the arena according to their script. You will be attacked by multiple threats and unexpected attacks such as missiles will be introduced. Scorpius-T quickly responds and updates threats in the changing scenario, while the highly sensitive AESA receivers continuously evaluate the aircraft's ECM response. Conversely, ECM can also be transmitted against aircraft radars to test pilot response.

Participants then review their performance in an in-depth debrief, including highlights and what-if analysis to improve flight tactics, use of onboard systems, and more.

Proven Achievement - Blue Flag exercise

The first high-profile deployment of Scorpius-T took place in October 2021 at the Israel Air Force's biannual Blue Flag exercise, which brought together seven air forces from around the world. ELTA successfully used Scorpius-T to conduct the first real-time combat training against highly relevant advanced air defense threats.

With its new, innovative design that prepares air force crews for the latest threats, the Scorpius-T is proof of ELTA's pioneering position in the field of electronic warfare.

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