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With new surge protective devices (SPD), Huber + Suhner is improving protection against the increasing sophistication of attacks in electronic warfare (EloKa) and against environmental and electrical faults.

The new SPD 3404.00.0011 and .0012 components have a new bushing design to ensure reliable protection of mission-critical radio equipment, including portable and vehicle-mounted radios, from threats such as overvoltage and electrostatic discharge (ESD). These broadband SPDs cover most software-defined radio (SDR) frequency bands to ensure clear and reliable communication. Thanks to the waterproof MMCX interface (micro-miniature coaxial), they are suitable for use in harsh environments (IP68).

The SPDs have a robust stainless steel housing with an integrated coaxial gas discharge tube (GDT) and a bushing design for easy installation. These devices are designed to support the defense-oriented SWaP (size, weight and performance) initiative by integrating the micro-miniature coaxial connector on the unprotected side of the SPD.

Schutz gegen elektronische Angriffe

Gerhard Heiming