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The airborne vehicle Enok AB, developed and manufactured by the Bavarian ACS Armored Car Systems GmbH - the AB stands for Airborne - has successfully passed all user tests of an unspecified customer from Europe, as the company reported yesterday on the LinkedIn platform. After passing all the tests, the Enok AB has reached the "operational readiness" level, so that all ordered vehicles can now be delivered.

Shooting test with MG over the rear of the vehicle, photo: ACS

Soldiers and technology presented the vehicle in October 2021 andreportedthat the Czech Republic ordered Enok AB for its special forces as the first customer.

The special chassis from Mercedes-Benz, including drive and drive train, serves as the platform for the vehicle. The components of the G 461 model are used. ACS has built a modular aluminum frame onto the Mercedes-Benz special chassis. This should offer the necessary weight reduction and flexibility for the different conversion kits. The system was previously developed by ACS for the Swedish Armed Forces, back then for an LAPV 6×6. The vehicle can be air-transported in the combination of steel floor plus aluminum frame as internal and external load. According to the manufacturer, two airborne Enoks fit in a heavy transport helicopter. The vehicle can also be transported as an internal load in the C295 small tactical transport aircraft.

Presentation of the Enok AB in October 2021, photo: Heiming

The frame solution offers a high degree of modularity and, according to the company, is simple, robust, scalable and cost-efficient. The principle is comparable to IKEA kits and should also be used in the Caracal, a vehicle with which the ACS, Rheinmetall and Mercedes-Benz compete for the future vehicle family of the German airborne troops.

The Caracal was presented to the Eurosatory armaments fair for the first time,S&T reported. The most significant difference is the use of the new G-class chassis of the new 464 series, while the Enok AB is realized on the 461 series.

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