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In the Letter of Intent (LoI) between Germany and France from June 2018, Germany was defined as the lead nation for the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) cooperation project. The aim of this project is to replace the Leopard 2 and Leclerc main battle tanks currently in use in the mid-2030s.

Using innovative cutting-edge technologies, an ultra-modern state-of-the-art solution is to be provided, which guarantees the assertiveness and superiority of duel-capable land combat systems in every direct confrontation with all potential opponents in the most demanding operational contexts until well into the second half of this century .

Projects based on international cooperation are usually characterized by special, unique framework conditions. The corresponding need for coordination with multinational partners and the processes of international procurement organizations must be adequately taken into account by choosing an individual project structure and suitable procedural provisions. The individualized procedural provisions for the Main Ground Combat System project were approved at the State Secretary level in August 2019.

The Leopard 2 of the Bundeswehr (Photo: Bundeswehr) and ...

Framework conditions and commissioning

The project was approved in May 2017 as a top-down planning portfolio for the development of technology and system demonstrators. It is currently in the analysis phase Part 1 and was defined as a project of project category A in February 2019. Tasks which, according to Custer Product Management, are the responsibility of a planning office of the Bundeswehr, will be carried out in accordance with the individualized procedural provisions from the signing of the MGCS framework agreement and implementation agreement 1 (both from April 2020) by the German part of the bi-national Combined Project Team ( CPT) MGCS (national share: BAAINBw K5.6) perceived.

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