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The companies Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. (Martac, USA) and H. Henriksen AS (Henriksen, Norway) are entering into a global strategic partnership. This cooperation is intended to combine the unmanned maritime surface vehicle (UPS) Mantas, which Martac produces, and the Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) Launch and Recovery (L&R) from Henriksen.

The launch and recovery of maritime surface vehicles in the military, commercial and scientific fields are playing an increasingly important role. Often, however, this does not work, especially in time-critical and mission-critical situations. The effective and safe lowering and recovery of surface vehicles in maritime environments is the greatest obstacle to their introduction. Both companies bring their experience to the partnership between Martac and Henriksen to support such missions and at the same time reduce operational risk.

In addition to the development of integrated systems for the improved support of surface vehicles, H. Henriksen will support his partner Martac with worldwide sales. “We believe this collaboration will help develop industry-leading technology products and platforms. This applies to a broad L&R product line that supports both Mantas X-Class (2 to 3.6 m) and mid-range (7 to 20 m) with launch and recovery systems, ”said Bruce Hanson, Chief Executive Officer of Martac.

André Forkert