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The Israeli Ministry of Defense wants to procure the "FireFly" loitering ammunition. Loitering ammunition is started without a specific target and can hover near possible targets for a limited time until the effect is triggered.

The FireFly, developed jointly by Rafael and the Ministry of Defense, weighs only three kilograms and offers the mounted soldier the ability to perform a precision attack behind the cover, especially in an urban environment, where situational awareness is often limited and often inadequate.

FireFly is ready to use in seconds. It is portable, durable, and has a robust flight drive to withstand the harsh environment of urban battles. It can be used day and night and has a low visual and acoustic signature. The system is designed for one-man use by dismounted soldiers. No special training is required to operate FireFly intuitively.

The technical features include a double viewfinder, automatic target tracking, target search algorithms, digital vision system, safety detonators and a robust, tablet-based human-machine interface. This means that the desired effect can be achieved with stationary or moving targets, even if there is no line of sight to the target.

FireFly wird in Israel eingeführt
FireFly wird in Israel eingeführt

The mission can be interrupted until just before the operative command and the ammunition can be safely returned to the operator.

FireFly belongs to the widespread spike family and is called "Maoz" by the Israeli armed forces. The IDF ground troops are to be equipped with the new ammunition.

Gerhard Heiming