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The manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is on the first MILIPOL FIREFLY, a miniaturized tactical weapon system of SPIKE family. The system weighs just 3 kg, and offers precise attack opportunities for dismounted soldiers fighting in urban areas, where situational awareness is difficult, the enemy may entrenched behind cover and precision is critical.

Firefly is a portable, armed Koaxialplattform, the two counter-rotating rotors, a miniaturized double viewfinder with uncooled IR and Tagesfarb- as well as proximity sensors comprises for the effect. It weighs less than three kilograms (ammunition), making it one of the leichtesten Loitering Munitions its class. In addition, FIREFLY has a bidirectional data connection in military quality that enables the operator to receive real-time images from the search head and attack moving and stationary targets while they are hidden. FIREFLY features an innovative detachable warhead, which provides in accordance with the operational requirements of the customer growth potential for the implementation of different payloads.

Christian Kanig