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With the selection decision of the Inspector General of the Bundeswehr for weapons for self-defense of submarines against attacks from the air the chances of the missile project IDAS (Interactive Defense and Attack System for Submarines) of Diehl and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems have risen significantly. Already more than ten years, the consortium founded by two companies had won the Technology Award of the defense industry. was awarded the concept of a missile that can be used by immersing propelled submarines - a technological innovation that serves the national security provision.

IDAS opens up the weapon system submarine new ways to counter threats from the air, for example, without having to come up with anti-submarine helicopters. Against surface ships and land targets near the coast precisely guided multipurpose weapon can be used successfully.

The missile is ejected hydraulically under water without additional protective sheath of the torpedo tube, controls an autopilot to the water surface and accelerated in the cruise, to finally draw finish with high precision. Unique is the permanent data exchange between the submarine and missiles by fiber optic cable throughout the mission. With the information provided by the seeker in real-time images, the crew can always influence trajectory and target selection.

Back in 2006, a prototype of the multi-purpose missile made its first successful flight. Two years later, a test shot of a German submarine Class 212A. 2016 IDAS was ejected for the first time by a Norwegian submarine. With IDAS the submarines the Navy for the first time get the ability to self-defense and active defense in the future.

Jurgen Hensel