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With the selection decision by the Inspector General of the German Armed Forces for self-defense armament for submarines against attacks from the air, the chances for the missile project IDAS (Interactive Defense and Attack System for Submarines) by Diehl and thyssenkrupp Marine Systems have increased significantly. The joint venture founded by the two companies had already won the technology prize of the defense technology industry more than ten years ago. The award went to the concept of a missile that can be used by submerged submarines - a technological innovation that serves to protect national security.

IDAS opens up new possibilities for the submarine weapon system to defend against threats from the air, eg from submarine fighter helicopters, without having to surface. The precisely guided multi-purpose weapon can also be used successfully against surface ships and land targets near the coast.

Der Lenkflugkörper wird unter Wasser ohne zusätzliche Schutzhülle aus dem Torpedorohr hydraulisch ausgestoßen, steuert mittels Autopilot zur Wasseroberfläche und beschleunigt in den Marschflug, um schließlich mit hoher Präzision ins Ziel zu lenken. Einzigartig ist der permanente Datenaustausch zwischen U-Boot und Flugkörper mittels Lichtwellenleiter während der gesamten Mission. Mit den vom Suchkopf in Echtzeit übermittelten Bildern kann die Besatzung jederzeit Einfluss auf Flugbahn und Zielauswahl nehmen.


A prototype of the multi-purpose missile completed its successful maiden flight in 2006. A test shot from a German Class 212A submarine followed two years later. In 2016, IDAS was launched from a Norwegian submarine for the first time. With IDAS, the submarines of the Navy will be able to defend themselves and fight back for the first time.

Jurgen Hensel