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ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, the third largest company in the German defense industry and a world leader in conventional submarines, invested 2023 250 million euros in Kiel by the year.

The shipyard site will be further developed to the international competence center for conventional submarines. By the current favorable economic development with new orders about 500 employees to be reset by the end of 2020 the enterprise, most of them in Kiel. We are looking for mainly engineers and skilled workers, especially in the development, design and production.

Modernization concept of the shipyard site Kiel (Video: TKMS)

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems has recently successfully placed above the waterline against strong competition: In August 2019, the company was commissioned by a customer from the African region with the construction of four frigates. During the construction of the most modern German Navy ships, the frigates of class F125, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems is responsible: the "Baden-Württemberg" was provided by the German Navy into service in June of 2019. In May this year also baptism was the first of four ultra-modern corvettes for the Israeli navy. Already in April 2019 Brazil chose the companies for the construction of four corvettes Tamandaré class as the preferred bidder. In Germany, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in the construction of the second batch of corvettes K130 is involved.

Under water already the largest ever built in Germany conventional submarine for Singapore as well as the third of four submarines for Egypt were baptized in the first few months of this year. The project 212CD to build a total of six identical submarines for Norway and Germany ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems will also create together with its customers and partners the European NATO standard of the future in the field of conventional submarines. Already, 70 percent of conventional NATO submarine fleet come from the production of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

Jurgen Hensel