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INTRACOM Defense Electronics (IDE) has announced the cooperation with the German company Diehl Defense by signing a five-year framework agreement worth ten million euros for the series production of key electronic missile components of the ground-based air defense system IRIS-T
SLM (Surface Launched Medium Range) to expand. This missile components were developed by the IDE and tested in extensive tests in the certification phase of the system with great success. "This new success confirms not only the competitiveness of IDE, but also the high technological standard of our company with leading-edge technologies, which is recognized in practice by our international customers," said George Troullinos, CEO of IDE. Currently equipping Diehl from the Swedish Armed Forces with the short-range air defense system IRIS-T SLS. The SHORAD solution uses active in Sweden air-to-air missile IRIS-T for the vertical launch of the carrier platform Hägglunds Bv410.

Dorothee Frank01

IDE an IRIS-T SLM beteiligt