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With the handover of the fire units to the ground-based air defense missile IRIS-T SLS (Infra Red Imaging System Thrust Vector-Controlled Surface Launched SHORAD) begins in Sweden the deployment of troops of the air defense system supplied by Diehl.

Used by the Swedish Air Defense Regiment, the highly agile missiles are intended to prevent the type IRIS-T soldiers and infrastructure missiles, attack aircraft and armored combat helicopters around the clock.

Sweden is the first country from the open system design of the newly developed family IRIS-T SLM / SLS for the Ground-based air defense (Ground Based Air Defense, GBAD) benefits and the best for the purpose suitable system elements (sensors / radars, guidance systems , communication systems) from different manufacturers combined into a powerful weapon system and integrated.

Another advantage results from the multi-role capability of the guided missile IRIS-T, which was developed under the Swedish participation and is a superior air-to-air armament to the Gripen fighters for many years now.

Characteristic of the ground-based air defense systems IRIS-T SLM / SLS Diehl is the open system architecture which simplifies the above-described integration of system elements of different function and origin. This allows for maximum flexibility in both the procurement of new weapons systems and for the renovation / enhancement of combat capabilities of existing equipment.

Schweden mit IRIS-T SLS ausgestattet

Sweden uses as a support vehicle for the IRIS-T SLS the articulated minivan BVS 10 Hägglunds.

Gerhard Heiming