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After the first of the two ordered Airbus A321-251NX "Long Range" machines in Bundeswehr livery left the paint shop, the interior equipment with passenger seats and patient transport units, such as the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw ) on Twitter.

In July 2020, BAAINBw ordered the two aircraft from Lufthansa Technik, ESUT reported. The contract stipulates that Lufthansa Technik will procure the machines as “Green Aircraft” and modify them according to the requirements of the German Armed Forces, supplement the equipment and equip military components. This includes the delivery and installation of equipment for the transport of intensive care patients.

With the appropriate installations, the machines can be used in 18 different interior configurations.

The planes are designed to carry up to 163 passengers. Alternatively, the cabin can be equipped for the transport of up to six intensive care patients or up to twelve mildly or moderately ill or injured people. Mixed configurations can also be installed.

The A321-251NX is part of the latest A321Neo variant from Airbus, whose modern engine uses 20 percent less fuel. This means that 900 km more range or two tons more payload can be achieved.

Beginn der Innenausrüstung der A321-251NX für die Luftwaffe

The two aircraft arrived at Lufthansa Technik in August and October 2020. The schedule foresees the delivery of the machines in the first quarter of 2022. They will be integrated into the existing A320 fleet at the flight readiness of the Federal Ministry of Defense and are available for transporting passengers and for EvacOp.

According to a press release from the BAAINBw in July 2020, the experience of recent years, and in particular the most recent experience with the Covid-19 pandemic, has shown the need for unrestricted national access to these capacities.

Gerhard Heiming