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Am 31. März 2021 ist die zweite von insgesamt drei Airbus A350-900 der Flugbereitschaft des Bundesverteidigungsministeriums zur Kabinenausstattung bei Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg eingetroffen.

First of all, the 10 + 03 “Kurt Schumacher” was equipped with a transitional cabin last year to ensure early commissioning. Now the 10 + 01 “Konrad Adenauer” is being equipped with the first complete government cabin for an aircraft of this type. The completion work therefore takes significantly longer this time. Delivery to the Air Force is planned for autumn 2022.

Parallel to the revised external appearance, which has been updated with titles in the font “Bundes Sans” and wing tips in large black, red and gold, the 10 + 01 will also differ significantly from the 10 + 03 in the interior. In contrast to its open cabin design, the various functional areas for political-parliamentary flight operations will now be structurally separated from one another, as was the case with the two predecessors based on the Airbus A340. The rest of the cabin is available to the accompanying delegations as usual. It will have generously spaced seating, a reasonable number of washrooms and modern galley equipment.

The third Airbus A350 with registration 10 + 02 will also arrive in Hamburg in October 2021 and will also receive the full government cabin. When both 10 + 01 and 10 + 02 have been delivered to the Bundeswehr again, the 10 + 03 that is already in use will also return to Lufthansa Technik to be converted from the transitional to the full government cabin.

Gerhard Heiming