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The first two aircraft converted for the multinational fleet of Multi Role Tanker Transport (MMF) are ready for delivery at the Airbus plant in Getafe. The aircraft will be procured by the European procurement agency OCCAR and logistically supported in operation by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA). The NSPA is responsible for the overall programme.

A group of six NATO countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway and the Netherlands) has contracted OCCAR and the NSPA to provide eight Airbus A-330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport Aircraft (MRTT) for strategic transport (pax and cargo), air-to-air refuelling and medical evacuation capabilities at all times. Since July 2019, the Multinational MRTT Unit is being set up in Eindhoven, which will operate the aircraft in close proximity to the European Air Transport Command (EATC). In addition to this Main Operating Base (MOB), a Forward Operating Base (FOB) will be established in Cologne. The first crews have already been trained and can take over the aircraft after refreshing their training.

The first two aircraft - MMF01 and MMF02 - are scheduled for delivery in June 2020. The aircraft MMF03 and MMF04 are currently being converted at Airbus Defence and Space in Getafe. MMF05 has just been transferred as a “Green Aircraft” from Toulouse to Getafe.

The MMF aircraft are designed for 1,100 flight hours per year. The nations can use flying hours according to their share of the costs. According to the current distribution, 5,500 flight hours are planned for Germany, 2,000 for the Netherlands, 1,000 for Belgium, 200 for Luxembourg and 100 for Norway and the Czech Republic each.

Gerhard Heiming