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The Indian armed forces have Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) contract for the supply of light machine guns. 16,479 Negev ULMG in caliber 7.62 x 51 mm are to be procured in the near future - the largest single order of 2012 featured weapon.

so IWI supplies nearly half of the identified by the Indian armed forces needs of about 40,000 light machine guns. The Negev ULMG 7.62 solves the previously used indigenous INSAS LMG in 5.56mm x 45th It was a light machine gun version of the Indian standard assault rifle with a heavier barrel. The Indian armed forces were looking for a more modern weapon with greater range and firepower.

In the ordered weapons is IWI Negev Ultra Light Machine Gun (ULMG) 7.62. The outstanding feature of the 2012 is presented and 2,017 weapon introduced into the Israel Defense Force that they can either semi or fully automatic shooting. The serial version comes with a 16.5 "run (420mm) to a maximum length of 1,000 mm and an empty weight of 6.6 kilograms. Furthermore, there is a Special Forces version 13 "run (330 mm), 910 mm maximum length and 6.4 kilo curb weight. The cadence is between 600 and 800 rounds per minute. Other features include a length-adjustable shoulder rest, a hand guard with M-Lok interfaces, Mil-Std 1913 tracks under the guard and on the housing cover and a hinged Notvisierung. Likewise, numerous accessories such as optical Sights, storm handle, bipod, strap drum and laser light modules is available.

The Negev ULMG 7.62 solves the previously used indigenous INSAS LMG in 5.56mm x 45th (Photo: IWI)

The Indian armed forces have made some recent upgrades of their small arms stocks on the way. So they ordered, among others, about 72,000 SIG716 assault rifles in the US. Furthermore, an order of more than 90,000 compact assault rifles at Caracal is expected to total are 360,000 carbines in question. In addition, should the Indian Ordnance Factory Board be procured with the consolidated Kalashnikov assault rifles 650,000 more on a joint venture.

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange