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The Bundeswehr has with the Euro Spike GmbH a framework agreement "supplement procurement MELLS - III. Go "for the supply of new weapons systems MELLS (multirole-capable lightweight system Missile) and related anti-tank guided missiles closed. This released the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) on the European Tendering platform TED.

Closed A "Framework agreement on a supplement procurement of 11,500 missiles MELLS including transport and storage containers as well as 214 weapons systems MELLS including transport and storage containers with backpacks for weapons systems and carrying racks for guided missiles. Provided is a minimum order of 1,500 missiles and 132 weapons systems with the accessory. "

MELLS is marketed in Europe about the euro Spike GmbH, a joint venture of Diehl Defense, Rheinmetall Electronics and Rafael. The production of the weapon system is carried out largely in the German parent companies Diehl and Rheinmetall with subcontractors in Europe.

MELLS in the Bundeswehr

MELLS replaces the somewhat outdated anti-tank guided missile system Milan in the Bundeswehr. The Milan has reached its end of use, depending on the remnants of the ammunition it should stay no longer than until 2021 in service. The useful life stretching exercise operation has been reduced.

In the Bundeswehr MELLS is eg. The Special Forces Command for several years in use. With the second procurement contract the replacement of Milan in infantry, combat engineer and mechanized infantry force was initiated on the Marder from the 2017th From 2021 MELLS to replace on the weapon carrier Wiesel TOW. This is part of the life extension of the Wiesel 1 fleet, which was approved by the budget committee of the Bundestag on 06 November of 2019. At the end of June 2019, Parliament approved the budget for integration and procurement of MELLS for 41 infantry fighting vehicle, which are intended for use in the VJTF 2,023th

Bundeswehr beschafft zusätzliche MELLS Waffenanlagen und Panzerabwehrlenkflugkörper
Bundeswehr beschafft zusätzliche MELLS Waffenanlagen und Panzerabwehrlenkflugkörper


MELLS uses currently the missiles Spike LR. Thanks to the early shift to the new generation of weapons systems SPIKE (iCLU) by the BAAINBw, the new generation missile LR opens up at a future implementation and use 2 various new tactical-operational possibilities.

The new weapon system generation (iCLU) is tuned to the technology and performance of the new missile LR 2 but fully supports the existing capability of the missile generation LR (backwards compatible).

André Forkert and Waldemar Geiger