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The Bundeswehr has ordered additional multi-role light guided missile systems (MELLS). The weapon systems of the latest type that have now been ordered can already fire the improved spike guided missile LR 2. The order is worth 17 million euros. Delivery has been agreed for the period 2022 to 2024.

The partners of the Eurospike joint venture - Diehl Defense (40 percent), Rheinmetall (40) and Rafael (20) - which was founded for the production and delivery of the system, contribute different components to the overall system. Diehl Defense supplies the steering and control assemblies including the high-resolution dual-mode seeker head as well as the warhead and carries out the final integration (Wehrwirtschaft reported). Rheinmetall will deliver 82 weapons systems (Integrated Command and Launch Unit, CLU) including transport and storage containers as well as 666 sets of components for the Spike LR (Long Range) guided missile manufactured by Rafael.

After completing this order, all weapons systems listed in the framework contract have been called up. In the case of guided missiles, 2,166 missiles have been ordered in four lots from the maximum quantity of 11,500 so far. During the term of the framework agreement until 2031, 9,334 rockets can still be called up.

MELLS is intended for use by infantry and armored infantry when mounted and mounted and can act against armored ground targets at distances of up to 4,000 meters or 5,500 meters (Spike-LR 2).

Gerhard Heiming